The Weight Loss Calculator Version History

Version History

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Version history for changes to the Weight Loss Calculator.

Version History Is Mostly Useful When Looking Back A Few Years

Did something change or is your memory tricking you?

Just about every change to either the program that runs the simulation or the main user page results in a new version number, this is really only of interest if something has broken or changed.

Main User Page (
Date Version Notes
5 April 2021 1.27 Changes to support iPad
12 Mar 2021 1.26 Update save function to save new fields and added in other pages footer
3 Mar 2021 1.25 Added in support for disable BMR and 10/30 day calculations
1 Mar 2021 1.24 Added more predefined foods to the advanced food editor
21 Feb 2021 1.23 Added in support for very brief results
14 Feb 2021 1.22 Added in support for ketotis and exercise recovery
7 Feb 2021 1.21 First Complete Public Version

ExCalc, The Body Simulation Program
Date Version Notes
10 Apr 2021 1.26 Reduce minimum average speed for a 60 a minute ride validation check
3 Mar 2021 1.25 Partial calculations to support article writing
3 Mar 2021 1.24 Added in support for disabling BMR, allowing the effects of exercise to be more obvious
22 Feb 2021 1.23 Force very brief results to always be in 60 minute intervals
Reduce maximum ketones production rate
21 Feb 2021 1.22 Fixed issue where alcohol was being metabolised faster when calcuting in 15/30 minute intervals.
Added in very brief results, one item per time period
14 Feb 2021 1.21 Added in support for ketotis and exercise recovery
7 Feb 2021 1.01l First Complete Public Version

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